Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all,

              of great and feeling souls.”

A Communal Mind 

Peace Ho! Brothers …..

PeaceWhen will you understand?

You …who born from the same womb

Fight your own brother….?


You have scared the earth red with blood


Of the brother your own.


You hath stained your filthy, malicious


 Lands in his steaming red blood

You brutes…


You drank your brother’s blood like a savage  beast


You forgot to mourn his death


You flew away


Like a jubilant eagle


Leaving your brothers carcass forlorn       


Your inhuman thoughts


Have led you astray


This communal mind has


 Poisoned thy soul


You stabbed your sword


In thy brothers throat


You stained your wretched hands


In his blood


Why not lamantist  thou


Your brother is dead and gone.



You hath sucked his blood and


Contaminated your with the thoughts


Of a communal plot


“Show no mercy” you scowl.



Break the barriers …


Let fly the doves of peace….


Not malicious, malign arrow


Poisoned by the drug of hatred 




Let every house be embellished


With a twig of fresh green olive


Let every tellurian understand


The truth universally acknowledged


That love is pure and true.


Lend thy hands….


Hold his hand…..


Hold my hands….


I am your brother and you are mine too.


 Let eternal Peace Prevail. Peace ho! Brothers  


                                                 Aparna Divakar


                                                X B

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